Titanic might have Fr Brown who took the famous photographs of the ship, however, Glenshesk had Fr John McCaughan. Fr John was born and brought up in Duncarbit, Glenshesk, before becoming a priest. He eventually became Parish Priest of St Peters on the Falls Road, Belfast, and famously was in charge of the major refurbishment of the Church in the 1930s. However, he was a keen photographer, and took literally hundreds of photographs of life, in and around the Glens. Below is a sample of his work, and over the coming months, we hope to add to this collection, once we get this website fully operational, and have a bit more time on our hands!

Apart from Fr John taking photos, one of his other brothers, Vincent, who became one of Ireland’s best-known eye surgeons, took Cine film from the 1930s onwards, across the Glen. In the coming months, we hope to add some of his fascinating and unique footage to this archive. 

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