Flora & Fauna:

Glenshesk has a wide range of flora and fauna, much of what you would expect in this isolated, but beautiful part of Ireland. Because of its mixed topography, having low lying ground as well as mountain ranges, deep valleys, rivers, streams, etc., there really is something of interest for everyone. Below you will find photographs of what is living there as nature intended, as well as what has been introduced and farmed by farmers over the centuries. 



As mentioned above, because of the varied topography of Glenshesk, it has an extensive range of plants. However Glenshesk, is unique in that it has one of the oldest oak forests on this island, Breen Forest, which has been there before the Ice Age. The forest is open to the public, and is well worth a visit; see link below. Separately, Glenshesk has many pockets of ancient woodland, particularly along the Glenshesk River, as well as several hidden in the smaller valleys. Several farmers have received grants to fence around and protect these ancient woodlands. This has directly led to not only preserving them, but letting other wild plants which would have been under attack from sheep, thrive, like wild bluebells, which have flourished, creating magical gardens as nature intended; see link below.


Apart from animals introduced by farmers like sheep, cattle, pigs, hens, etc., Glenshesk is teaming with other wildlife, in the air, river, and on land. If you enter the Glen, day or night, simply stand and listen, and you will hear them. We are fortunate to have buzzards, peregrine falcons, sparrow hawks, crows, kingfishers, and many other types of birds.

Foxes are a plenty too, probably because of the readily supply of lamb, and at night you can often hear their unusual call. Glenshesk is proud to have a healthy population of red squirrels in various locations around the Glen, and their population has stabilized and grown, thanks to the efforts of The Glens Red Squirrel Group. A link is provided below of their busy Facebook Page below which often showcases great photographs and video of the squirrels in action in Glenshesk.

The Flora of Glenshesk

The Fauna of Glenshesk