Useful Links

This section gives useful links to other parts of the Web which we think you might be interested in, for further reading about Glenshesk and the local area. The links include our own Social Media Channels and YouTube Channel, as well as external links to further information about our local history, nature, townlands, Glenshesk Businesses and much more.

Glenshesk Social Media Links

Apart from this Glenshesk website, we have a number of dedicated Social Media Channels, as well as a Youtube Channel with various videos available to watch. The Facebook Page in particular is very busy, as we upload stories, photos, etc. at least twice a week. Enjoy

Glenshesk on television

In 2015, Joe Mahon and his “Lesser Spotted Journey’s” crew from UTV, recorded a special programme about Glenshesk, the first every dedicated programme on television about the Glen. This wonderful programme in 4 parts, can be viewed by clicking on the links below